Entry Form

Hey there magnificent human and ginger ninja extraordinaire! Excellent to see that you're willing to share your super powers and ginger sass with our community, it's nuttin' but LOVE around here.  Entering the Ginger of the Month competition is easy, simply fill out the form below and upload 1-4 pics of yourself rockin a tinge of ginge, copper-top or some ruby red locks!  We will then add one of your pics to the Hot for Ginger Gallery where your pet can bask in your e-fame and knowledge that you are a role model for bad ass gingers everywhere.

You could win a a $50 prepaid Visa card, plus a carton of Buderim Ginger's new Ginger Energy Drink and a big pack of their gingery goodies worth over $100 including Ginger Bears, Cordials, Original Marmalade and more!

Entries are judged by an (not so) sophisticated panel of Gingerologists, Ginger Lovers and Real Deal Rangas at the Buderim Ginger head office. Winners are chosen based on a combination of your photos and bio submitted.  This ain’t no beauty pageant, so get creative/ real with your pics and bio, to show us why you are such a crazy, awesome, intriguing, caring or downright lovable ginger.

Don't forget if you have a ginger furry, feathered or flappy friend/ overlord to enter them in our Ginger Pet of the Month Competition

This competition is now closed