Melbourne Voted As Host City for 2017 Ginger Pride Rally

Hundreds of gingers, redheads, family and friends of gingers, and plain-old ginger enthusiasts were recently asked to vote for which city should host the 2017 Australian Ginger Pride Rally, and Buderim Ginger is excited to announce that the winner is Melbourne!

The cosmopolitan city, that successfully played host to this year’s inaugural Australian Ginger Pride Rally which saw over 1,000 redheads unite, pipped other cities to the post, receiving 32% of the country’s votes, beating hot contenders Sydney and Brisbane for the title. Let's be honest the further south i.e. away from hot sunny places, the better! Our moon tan requires certain conditions to flourish! #justsaying

Planning is already underway to make next year’s event which will be hosted on April 29th at Federation Square in Melbourne, bigger, better and more gingery! 

Voters also had their say in the type of charity they would like the event to raise funds and awareness for, with overwhelming support shown for both children’s anti-bullying and skin cancer non-for-profits. As well as this, the 2017 Australian Ginger Pride Rally will again partner with The Red and Nearly Ginger Association (R.A.N.G.A), which exists as the peak special interest body for Ginger issues. 

More details will be announced shortly, but for now mark April 29th in your diary for the 2017 Australian Ginger Pride Rally, the day Australian's will #GoGinger with pride!

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