The Ginger Pride Rally Australia

Register for the Ginger Rally 2018!

We're back gingerier than ever in 2018 and flipping the script! Lock in Saturday 6th of October for the 2018 Ginger Rally, but this time we're bringing it to the home of everything ginger...The Ginger Factory on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Needless to say we will have plenty of SPF 50+ on hand to make sure you can rock the red whilst staying sun safe (ain't no one got time for lobster tan). So, why are we changing venues? Our vision was to bring ginger pride, a celebration of uniqueness and message of anti-bullying throughout Australia, mixing it up and sharing the love. Besides, it doesn't get more ginger, than the gingeriest place on earth!

The Ginger Factory is like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but for gingers! It actually makes ginger products onsite (yes in a factory) along with a park featuring lush rainforest, plenty of shade, an ice-creamery (*squeals of delight*), a ginger train,  ginger village and even a ginger boat ride! It's the ultimate tourist attraction for gingers. 

We'll be kicking off the day with a ginger march for Ginger Pride (nobody puts ginger in the corner!). Don't worry, it's less than a kilometere and once it's finished you will be treated to the lush shade of the celebration festival where we have all sorts of mischief and fun lined up! Activities include a ginger garden (serving Buderim Ginger Beer),  live music from Blues Arcadia, ginger beer pong tournaments, a ginger pride photo booth, ginger kids zone, local producers market, tastings, ginger jelly eating competition and more!

You can see our full image gallery from the 2017 event HERE!

Registeristrations for this year's Rally are now closed. However, all are welcome to come and join the fun! See you at the Ginger Factory!