Ginger Beer


Non Alcoholic Ginger Beer Range


250ML Slimline Cans

As fine purveyors of all things ginger since 1941, Buderim Ginger Beers are crafted to deliver a flavour hit like no other. Made with only the freshest ginger they get fresh with your tastebuds and put the zing in everything. We have been perfecting our brews for over a decade on the golden shores of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, shaped by the pickiest of ginger connoisseurs.

Our range of ginger beers are now available in 4 unique flavours including Original Ginger Beer, Reduced Sugar Ginger Beer sweetened with Stevia (for when we like to be healthy...usually coincides with Monday), Ginger Beer & Pear which recently just won Product of the Year in the Beverage Category and finally our Ginger Beer & Guarana, for when you need an extra boost of energy (we've all been there!).

AVAILABILITY:  Coles and Woolworths Supermarkets, Australia-wide and other selected independent retailers.


330ML Glass Bottles



For those that like the premium feel of a glass bottle and like to take their time to savour the flavour, our famous zesty brews are the perfect summer bevvie in the 340ml glass bottles. They are available in both our classic Original Ginger Beer flavour, as well as Ginger Beer & Pear which will convert even the pickiest of sippers who aren't usually a strong ginger fan (surprising there is such a thing right!)

AVAILABILITY: through selected cafes and restaurants.

If you are a retailer and you would like to order some of these tasty numbers, you can call or email Tom 0418 330 480 tmihos(at) or Rob 0437 074 665 rpafumi(at)





Our full sleeve range add some drama and colour to display fridges, they're real attention grabbers, never shying away from fun!

AVAILABILITY: Exclusively through selected Woolworth supermarkets, nationally in the fridges near the checkouts.





Alcoholic Ginger Beer Range


250ml Slimline Cans


So it was only a matter of time before we came to the Dark and Stormy side...Yes, that's right Ginger Beer tipples are now available in an alcoholic version!

We have 2 flavours now available in slimline cans, our Ginger Beer and Vodka as well as Ginger Beer and Spiced Rum. The latter, traditionally known as a Dark & Stormy is a unique blend of Buderim Ginger and Spiced Rum which delivers an extra smooth taste with a rich vanilla and spiced character. Ginger Beer and Vodka is also referred to as a Moscow Mule, with a distinct flavour of Buderim Ginger infused with a clean and smooth vodka, this drink pays homage to this classic, timeless cocktail. 

AVAILABILITY: Exclusively in First Choice and Vintage Cellars

The drinking age in Australia is 18 years. Each can is 1 standard drink, remember to drink responsibly, visit for more information.


330ml Alcoholic Bottles


Our deliciously premium alcoholic Ginger Beer range in 330ml bottles is sure to whet the whistle of the 'top shelf' crowd! Not only does it feature our favourites Ginger Beer & Spiced Rum and Ginger Beer & Vodka, but it also has a straight alcoholic ginger beer for those that are ready to swap their cider for something more interesting...oh SNAP! 

AVAILABILITY: Star Liquor  and at your favourite restaurants and cafes.

If you are a retailer and you would like to order some this delectable range you can call or email Tom 0418 330 480 tmihos(at) or Rob 0437 074 665 rpafumi(at)




We Don't Mean to Boast But Ginger's Kinda our Thing

So, we may have been producing ginger products for over 75 years (we old) but it means we are to ginger what Romeo is to Juliette, what Blair is to Chuck, what sriracha sauce is to pho... the perfect partnership. We got this ginger gig in the bag! If you take a look around this site you'll see we are actually the experts of everything ginger! From ginger hotties, to ginger beards, ginger comedy, ginger cocktails and of course ginger pride. As Tim Minchin once sung (ok, he's probably sung it a few times) "Only a ginger can call another ginger, ginger!" We have started a GINGER REVOLUTION! #GoGinger with us...because gingers have the MOST fun.