The definition of:

‘Red Dog’


Red Dog

Another term for ‘dhole’ |dəʊl|

WTF is a Dhole?

Your average dictionary defines a Dhole as “an Asian wild dog with a sandy coat and a black bushy tail, living in packs.”

Random Urban Dictionary Definition

The Ultimate human being. Destined to be the richest man in the world. Is not black or white but is red all over. His skin is as red as his eyebrows and his eyebrows are as red as Reddog's valentine which red "you are a red as a rose". A genius whose many talents are not recognised in today's society.

"hey reddog did u get laid friday night" "Nah mann, but I kissed her foot"

"Reddog you look pretty damn hot" "a ba derr, i just had PE"


People who use the term ‘Red Dog’ are generally...

Schoolboys. The thing to keep in mind is that most ginger kids grow up to be the boss.  So ten years from now, when you’re going for that job you so want, and the kid you called ‘Red Dog’ in grade 3 is interviewing you, just take a moment to ask yourself this question... who’s the b*tch now?

‘Red Dog’ the Legend

The infamous ‘Pilbara Wanderer’ made such an impression on the people of Western Australia that just last year the powers that be saluted the affectionately known ‘Red Dog’ by making a movie about his travels. We’re pretty sure he made many an impression on many a black stump too, so if you’re ever travelling that way, keep in mind whose territory you’re in...


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Final Word

Bitch, please.