The definition of:




The stem of a match (duhhh).

What it means to a Ginger



People who use this term are generally…

Dead. We’re pretty sure the last person to call someone a matchstick in public died of shame. Either that or they’re so old their opinion no longer matters. They probably get called names themselves now… like ‘Vegetable’ (no carrot top reference intended).

'Matchsticks' in Pop Culture

There’s of course the iconic Australian brand of match ‘Redheads’, now ironically made in Sweden, a land better known for its blondes. But enough ABBA by the campfire… we’re talking pop culture… the Hollywood blockbuster type. You may recall the epic ‘Matchstick Men’ starring the one and only Nicholas Cage alongside occasional matchstick-haired Alison Lohman. Since then things have kinda quiet for Matchsticks around the world, but we’re sure they’ll spark up again soon.


Matchsticks according to Google

Final Word

You know what they say about playing with matches… use this term at your own peril because it’s truly a fizzler and will get you nowhere.