The definition of:

‘Freckle Face’


Freckle Face

A face conspicuously covered in freckles.

Red hair and freckles. It’s one of the great classic combinations, like Batman and Robin, or beer and bacon sangas. Gingers may remember this nickname from their Elmo-watching days, probably doled out by a wise-cracking older kid along with "Orphan Annie" and "Carrot Top".


The exciting world of freckly genetics

SCIENCE TIME. Red hair is caused by the gene that is, generally speaking, also responsible for freckles – MC1R. When MC1R is doing its job properly, it turns pheomelanin – the pigment responsible for red hair and freckles, into eumelanin – the pigment responsible for most other hair colours. When it’s, erm… faulty, it doesn’t. So yes, the ginger gene is a mutation. You know who else is a mutant? Wolverine. And he doesn’t take s**t from anyone.

Your frenemy, the sun

Which do you hate more? The sun? Or being told for the hundredth time that you should stay out of it? Unless you’re a pretend ginger, you’ve probably had a lifetime of sun safety talks from well-meaning friends and relatives. But for the non-gingers among us, yes, fair-skinned redheads can lack the melanin needed to prevent UV damage. Just don’t lecture them about it.

The Freckle Face Plant

It may sound like an unfortunate-yet-hilarious ginger accident. But the freckle face plant, or Hypoestes Phyllostachya (mouthful much?) is actually a weed native to Madagascar. It might be a bit of a pest, but like most freckle faced gingers, It’s kinda awesome looking. And believe it or not, it enjoys full sun. Hmm.

Freckle Face according to Google

Final Word

Think freckled faces aren’t awesome? Try telling that to honorary ginger Eddie Redmayne.