The definition of:

‘Fanta Pants’


Fanta Pants

According to the Macquarie Dictionary: "a person whose hair is naturally red. [from the orange-coloured soft drink Fanta + pants, with reference to pubic hair as the indicator of hair colour]." Righteo.

It was also a contender for Macquarie's 2008 Word of the Year. Nice going, Fanta Pants.

Random Urban Dictionary Definition

Origin: Scottish (from gaelic 'farnter' meaning flame-haired)

Fanta pants refers to a true ginger, natural orange collar and cuffs.

“Phoar, look at that hottie, she's a red-head, but d'ya think she's a fanta pants?”


If you call someone Fanta Pants…

Unless you’re friends with said fanta pants, prepare to be slapped upside the head… or at least recoiled from in mild horror. Yeah, it’s kinda old school and funny, but gingers are rumoured to be a temperamental lot.


Maybe steer clear of these too...


  1. “Does the carpet match the drapes?” A classic. We 100% guarantee if you use this saying you’ll never find out.
  2. “I’ve heard redheads are cracker in the sack.” Who told you?
  3. And never say “Firecrotch”. Firecrotch is not your friend.

Final word

It doesn’t matter if you’re picking someone up, or putting someone down – this one’s a total fizzer.