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An American brand product line of batteries and smart power systems manufactured by Procter & Gamble. (Cheers, Wikipedia.)

This one originates from the 1980s TV advert in which Duracell batteries are described as the ones “with the copper-coloured top.” Plus, the ads had bunnies. Unstoppable pink bunnies.

Duracell batteries are said to last longer than most others.

It’s true. The gingers of the world are better lovers because their batteries last longer. And if you wonder why the ginger gene will never die out, it’s because we gingers are in fact experts at passing on our genes, and we don’t need to resort to toys.

People who use the term Duracell are generally…

Out of steam. Is Duracell really the best you’ve got? You’ve either got battery acid on the brain, or you’ve exhausted every other term possible. Might be time to put your feet up and recharge, buddy.

If you call someone Duracell, they’ll…

Assume you’re on the slow side. They may also try to help you out by pointing you to the nearest supermarket. Either way, you can get lost.

Duracell according to Google

Final word

Call me Duracell, run like a rabbit. Ever heard the phrase “can’t stop the coppertop”?