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‘Carrot Top’


Carrot Top

An American stand-up comedian and actor best known for his bright red hair, prop comedy and self-deprecating humour.

Listen up, Scott Thompson AKA Carrot Top. You might have the mother of all ginger afros but you’re setting a bad example for the kids. Every Grade 2 badass who’s ignored basic colour recognition just to get a few laughs in the playground has you to thank. Be a top ginger and say it with me – carrot tops are green.

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  1. A comedian with red hair: "Dude Shaun White's hair makes him look like Carrot Top."
  2. An Orange T-Shirt: "Gina you b**ch lemme borrow that Carrot Top."


Can’t keep Carrot Top down

Got a Carrot Top gig on your bucket list? Didn’t think so. But before you feel all smug and superior about your comedic taste, just remember that this guy was once the highest-grossing touring comedian in America. Good for you, 90s. Good for you.

Speaking of carrots... get this.

Spread the word! Carrots can help you look tanned! Yep, according to the encyclopedic knowledge of Ginger Parrot, carrots are loaded with alpha-carotene, a rich source of antioxidants linked to longer life. Alpha-carotene is stored in the fat cells beneath your skin, and can result in the cells “glowing”, resembling a tan.

Isn’t it funny? The veggie you’ve come to hate on behalf of all gingers could be a godsend.

Carrot Top through the eyes of Google

Final word

Carrot tops? Yep… still green. This one doesn’t make a – wait for it – veggie scrap of sense.