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'Blood' as in red, 'nut' as in head. (Or loony).

If Ron is ginger’s good-guy brother, Bloodnut is its crazy-ass cousin. Studies are yet to confirm whether these redheads are prone to the odd rant or soccer riot, but there’s no denying this term packs a punch. Are bloodnuts more feisty than your garden-variety ginger? You tell us.

Origin of Bloodnut

Australian. Yep, just like Bluey, this one was brewed in your own backyard. Which isn’t surprising, considering we’ve got many a gutsy ginger. Even Aussie journos are fans of the term, using Bloodnut to describe everyone from the former PM to the legendary Rod Laver (probably for his scary-good backhand smash).

Bloodnut... the Band?

Josh Homme. Dave Mustaine. Animal the Muppet. There is some serious musical talent in the ginger genetic pool. But a band composed entirely of rednut rockers? We can only dream... UNTIL NOW. Hailing from NZ, Bloodnut is an “All Ginge DoomPunk Band” with a pretty badass slogan: “Stand with us or burn, Stand with us Auburn.” Bonus points for the beard, screamer dude.

Bloodnuts in Film

If you’re all over your Pixar classics, you might remember a little-known constellation called “Bloodnut the Flatulent.” For those of you who don’t, get Shrekked.

Bloodnut... according to Google

Final word

Are Bloodnuts the hotheads of redheads? Or just channeling their inner Vikings? This one’s a tough nut to crack.