Join the #GoGinger Challenge to help stop Bullying!

Show the world how you #GoGinger to raise awareness for Anti-Bullying!

Historically Gingers have to be pretty thick skinned when it comes to bullying,  based on something as small as the MC1R gene giving them unique gingerlicious locks. So to support the National Day of Action Against Bullying & Violence we are inviting you to share a photo on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook with a 'Tinge of Ginge' any time from March 18th until April 20th with the hashtags #GoGinger + #BullyZero and Buderim Ginger will donate money to an anti-bullying charity Bully Zero.

The more people that participate the more dollars Buderim Ginger will give to Bully Zero Australia Foundation who are an organisation that works to provide support for victims of bullying and their families. 

A 'tinge of ginge' can be anything from a ginger cat, to a ginger wig, ginger nail polish or even a Buderim Ginger product (we hear the ginger beer is quite good). Be as creative as you like, it's for a good cause, so show the world how you #GoGinger :)

If over 100 people participate, Buderim Ginger will donate $1,000

If over 500 participate and they will donate $1,500

And if over 1,000 people, Buderim Ginger will donate $2,000

We can't wait to see how you #GoGinger to raise awareness to help stop bullying!

You can get involved and tag/ share on our social media as part of our Ginger Revolution on The Ginger Net Facebook, Instagram and Twitter