Ginger Pride Rally Round Up

The day we painted Melbourne RED with over 1000 gingers!

We came, we conquered and we officially painted Melbourne ginger and red at the first EVER Australian Ginger Pride Rally! Saturday 16th of April 2016 goes down in the history books as one of the greatest events ever, possibly to rival the legends of Troy. We had a turnout of over 1000 gingers, redheads and friends who were given a free ginger pass for the day compliments of temporary coloured hair spray (they didn't have that in Troy).

Can we first say we were BLOWN AWAY with the attendance! We had people flying in from all over the country including Perth, Sydney and Brisbane just to name a few. PERTH! Were knew the brotherhood ran deep, but that is blood brother/sister deep. You're all on the Christmas card list now, that's for sure ;) So our biggest thank you is to you, glorious magnificent human unicorns who amply made sure they applied SPF 50+.  Thank you for taking the time and effort to come along for a great day together and if you didn't make it, well that's awkward but there's always next year to be awesome if you're lucky. We'll have to run it by our 1000 friends that attended of course.

A big thank you to RANGA who helped bring the rally together with their fighting ginger spirit and positive messages, not to mention some rally chants! We’d also like to thank Bully Zero whom we are pleased to announce raised over $3000 from the day itself! Bully Zero work tirelessly to make sure future mini gingers have a happier time at school and give them the tools and support to fight school year bullies. We also loved our ginger front man Michael Beveridge! He is the voice of our peoples, with a positive outlook and always a cheeky comeback.

We also had delicious ginger goodies and ginger beers supplied by Buderim Ginger (we promise it doesn't count as cannibalism) and the infectious indie rock tunes of The Vanns left us dancing up a storm and crushing over lead redhead singer Jimmy Vann! 

So until next time, Viva La Ginge!