When Gingers Day Walked and Ruled the World

With what can only be described as a ginger phenomenon (as rare as a blood moon), the 29th of April 2017 saw Federation Square covered in a sea of ginger and red for the 2017 Ginger Pride Rally! This year we smashed the history books with over 1500 copper-tops flocked together in Melbourne for a day of celebrating the super powers of those lucky enough to have the MC1R (unicorn) gene.

Remarkably, the rally saw ginger ninja’s flock from as far away as England, with most gingers emerging from Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and even a couple of Kiwi’s. The rally’s atmosphere was a force to be reckoned with! This year we had the entire Federation Square space for gingers to find love at the Ginger Speed Dating, a Kid’s Zone for our beautiful mini gingers and Ginger Beer Pong for the more competitive fiery redheads.

Indie band, The Vann’s soothed our redheaded souls with their retro rock sound and left hearts aflutter with the voice of lead singer, Jimmy Vann. We were also lucky enough to have the stunning Luize Scott and X Factor Finalists, Brentwood entertain us with their soulful (yes SOUL-ful) ginger tunes. 

The gingerlicious Luttsy enriched the vibe with his ginger chants and charmed the crowd when he embraced the role of MC,  pounding the pavement to lead the march. To soothe throats after the chants, Buderim Ginger provided ginger beers and tasty ginger goodies (no not real life gingers) which were scrumptious! We’re pretty sure eating ginger makes our ginger powers grow even more.

A special thank you to the Alannah and Madeline Foundation who hosted the kid’s zone and spread the ever so important anti-bullying message (don’t be mean to our recessive gene!) with their special Ginger Survival Bullying Infographic. They aimed to increase education and support for those getting bullied (something we Ginger’s know all about) and how to deal with any bullying in the future. We must also thank R.A.N.G.A (Redheads And Nearly Ginger Association) whom were very supportive on the day with their tenacious ginger spirits and killer chants.

Alas, like Christmas, all good things must come to an end for at least another year (nice red suit BTW Santa!) it’s one year until our next ginger pride rally, but rather than grieve start assembling your ginger posse now!